Shifting the paradigm in sharing end-to-end supply chain information

By Brian Cassidy - IT Director, Exertis Global Operations In the medium term, Blockchain, as a technology, promises transformational benefits to industry and society. However, a lot of these transformations are still years away from being realised commercially. The Exertis Supply Chain Blockchain Platform is ready and available now. Tech organisations involved in global supply chains share an interest in product & component demand, channel inventory and provenance data. Although large investments in IT systems and integration...

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Could Covid steal the tech sector Christmas Peak?

A critical time of year is at risk for the tech-sector. The personal, real-life effects of the Covid-19 outbreak are heart-breaking. The death toll is shocking, and the impact of this outbreak will be felt for years to come. What will be important as time goes by is working out the best way to put our lives back together – and from an economic point of view we have to consider how business can get going again...

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